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2013 AIDA Pool World Championships

2013 AIDA Individual Pool World Championships venue in Athens

Freediving Club Greece, working together with AIDA Hellas and under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens, officially requests to host the 2013 Individual AIDA Pool World Championships.

Organizers: Freediving Club Greece and AIDA Hellas under the Auspices of the Municipality of Athens

Contact Person: Stavros Kastrinakis

Disciplines: DYN, DNF, STA (with finals)

Dates:  Saturday June 8th, 2013 to Sunday June 16th, 2013

Sanctioning: AIDA Hellas

Maximum number of athletes we can accommodate: 180


Preliminary Schedule:


Sat 8th June - 1st Official Registration day and 1st training day (DYN, DNF, STA)

Sun 9th June - Last Official Registration day and 2nd training day (DYN, DNF, STA)

Evening Opening Ceremony organized at the Alexander Beach Pool Area

Mon 10th June - (Morning) Official Training Day DNF, (optionally DYN, STA)

Tue 11th June - (Morning) Official Competition Day DNF (Heats)

Wed 12th June - (Morning) Official Competition Day DNF (Finals)

- (Afternoon) Official Training Day STA, (optionally DYN)

Thu 13th June - (Morning) Official Competition Day STA (Heats)

Fri 14th June - (Morning) Official Competition Day STA (Finals)

- (Afternoon) Official Training Day DYN

Sat 15th June - (Morning) Official Competition Day DYN (Heats)

Sun 16th June - (Morning) Official Competition Day DYN (Finals)


Closing Ceremony and Awards Organized by the Municipality of Athens – Departure of Athletes


The Venue:

Our venue is the Municipal Olympic Swim Stadium of Athens which includes an Olympic-size pool (50m by 10 lanes – 50X25m) and all associated infrastructure such as changing rooms, media facilities and facilities for official use necessary for running the 2013 Individual AIDA Pool World Championships. The Swim Stadium has a 2,2m deep (constant depth) open air heated pool which at the time of the World Championships will be at a temperature of ~27C. The Swim Stadium is located in the City of Athens approximately 45min by bus from our official hotel and will be accessible via specially chartered buses which will run during the entire event from our hotel. The pool will be used along its 50m length for DYN heats and finals and along its 25m length for DNF heats and finals.



The 2013 Individual AIDA Pool World Championships will be hosted at the Alexander Beach Hotel located in the wonderful Athens coastline in Anavyssos. This is a 4-star resort hotel capable of housing 220 participants in total during the World Championships. The hotel has a 25m pool which will be available for use during the event as a training pool, a private beach, pier, beach-side and pool-side bars, free high speed WiFi and all amenities needed to host the event. Rooms have balconies and magnificent sea view

Athlete’s entry fees:

The event will have a fixed total fee of 515 euro per athlete


This includes:

• 8 night accommodation at the Alexander Beach hotel including breakfast sharing on double or triple rooms (extra charge applies for a single room – very few will be available)

• Participation at all 3 disciplines (heats and finals)

• Bus transfers to and from the pool every day

• Opening and closing ceremony

• Event T-shirt

• Doping tests


Extra costs:

If you want a single room please add 180 euro to the entry fee – limited number of single rooms are available given on a first-come-first-served basis

Meals (lunch and dinner) will be available at the hotel at a cost of 7 euro per meal (incudes salad, main course and desert or starter)

In order to avoid accommodation problems such as late changes in accommodation needs etc all hotel bookings will be made by the national teams directly with our dedicated event accommodation manager at the hotel.


Event Promotion & Media:

A dedicated marketing and media team headed by Mrs Zoi Kyriakouli of the Municipality of Athens Public Relations Office will be responsible for the event promotion and media. Athens is easily accessible with flights from most countries, has in place all necessary media infrastructure and the Municipality have an active interest to promote this event on a national, regional and international scale. Based on the experience gained from the 2011 AIDA World Championships we will work to offer a strong media presence during the event.


The city of Athens can be reached by flights (regular and charter) from most cities around the globe. Nearest airport is Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Int Airport (ATH). Daily free buses (1 each day) will be arranged during the 2 days prior to the start of the event to bring athletes from Athens Airport to our hotel (30 min trip). Return buses to Athens Airport will also be arranged the day of the end of the event.

Other Considerations – Political Situation in Greece

It is known that Greece is currently undergoing significant financial challenges. This however does not in any way affect the stability or safety in the country and can in no way affect the running of the AIDA Individual World Championships. If anything the current financial situation might force the venue hotels to further reduce their prices on our second round of price negotiations which will be carried out after successful award of the organization of this event by AIDA International. Any further reductions in costs will be communicated to AIDA Nationals and will benefit the athletes.

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