Stavros Kastrinakis

AIDA World Record Holder Variable Ballast 146M, AIDA Instructor Trainer, CMAS Instructor
AIDA International Judge, EFR Instructor, Lifeguard Instructor, DAN EFR / O2 Certified.

Stavros is the creator of Freediving Club Greece - he holds the current AIDA World Record Holder in Variable Ballast as well as several National Records in most depth disciplines.

He has pretty much lived in the sea his entire life – learning to swim as soon as he could walk and learning to spearfish before he was 6 yrs old he developed a close bond to the sea and breath hold diving.

A member of the Greek National Freediving team since 2005 he has participated in practically all the AIDA World Championships ever since as an athlete, safety diver, team coach or organizer.

Stavros is one of the deepest freedivers in the World and the current World Record Holder in the AIDA Variable Ballast discipline with a dive to 146m. Having set more than 12 National Depth Records, including No-Limits dives to 162m depth, Stavros also holds the World Record in Tandem No-Limits diving with Andrea Zuccari with a dive to 126m :)

A full time AIDA Instructor Trainer since 2007 he is currently one of the top AIDA Instructor Trainers in the World having organized and taught hundreds of freediving courses, stages and seminars.

Founder of Freediving Club Greece in 2007 and organizer of the 2011, 2013 and the 2016 AIDA World Championships, he still looks for every opportunity to take a deep plunge in some of the coolest spots around the globe and help guide you on your own amazing freediving adventure… 

Nejc Likar

AIDA Instructor, SSI L3 Instructor, Apnea Academy Instructor,
AOWD Diver

Embracing freediving lifestyle and sharing his passion with others as an instructor, Nejc is an ocean lover since childhood. Following his father's hobby, mask and fins were always part of his luggages when travelling to the coastline. Student from Umberto Pelizzari's school in 2005, he started training and competing in freediving; even he preferred only experiencing freedom and sensations of the big blue. Since, Nejc has been diving and working as instructor in may seas around the globe. He joined the FCG crew in 2019 for the best conditions and safety the Calm Zone provides!

Geraldine McVeay Hervel

AIDA Instructor
Ocean lover

1st women to freedive for Mauritius Island (FIM NR 2019) and pro-supporter of marine conservation; Geraldine is an ocean lover. Her journey evolved from becoming a communications consultant to a freediving instructor focusing on marine biology with experience in whale watching on scientific expeditions (Tethys Research Institute, Cybelle Planète, UK Marine Conservation Society). She is now teaching freediving as part of the FCG team. If you don’t hear her laughing at surface, she is most probably hang loosing at you underwater!

Verena (Vren) Hoelzer

AIDA Instructor, SSI L2 Instructor, SSI Rescue Diver, Marine Ecologist & State-qualified Nurse

Having spent more than half of her lifetime close to the sea, Vren finished her studies on Tropical Marine Ecology in 2016. She started freediving on the island of Roatán, Honduras and helped to organize international freediving competitions. After that she trained in Italy with Davide Carrera in 2018, and quickly decided to turn her passion into a career, working as an instructor in Asia's biggest freediving schools within Thailand and Indonesia in the year 2019. By a suprising call and a spontaneous flight overseas, Vren became part of the FCG Team in 2020, and loves her new home place on the Mediterranean Sea. Her main goal is to bring people closer to the ocean, and help them to understand their body and mind better, increasing their connection to life. Out of the water Vren has many other interestes, including yoga, meditation, music, Greek language and a slight addiction to coffee.

Freediving Club Greece
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